Monday, 26 November 2007

Keep It Simple F.F.S.

Have you ever wondered why are simple songs more popular than coplicated, full of ornatments, hard as hell to play songs?

Well it is very simple (yes you will see that word in this post as many times as possible to make you understand alright?) music isn't about who plays "x" instrument better, or how fast can he/she play it. music as an art is about how well can you express your feelings through that instrument, so when people listen to you, they will know exactly how you feel, even without lyrics.

People like to identify themselves with people who share their same feelings, that's all you need, play a song like that in a baby xylo and people will still sing your tune and everything.

OK complicated songs are cool too. but it is all about adrenaline, you can feel exactly the same in a rollercoaster, don't let chemical reactions in your body fool you.

Want some feedback? Just listen to The Beatles, they are still the best band with the best album in the world and they didn't need their frets in fire ;) i hope this will help you when composing or if you feel you are not good as Wooten or Dave Weckl.

Now playing: The Beatles - Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band

Sunday, 25 November 2007

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Monday, 19 November 2007

Featured n' Must-Have #1

Manu Chao - Esperanza - 1997

You can't say you know about music without knowing Manu Chao, he is French but he plays so many Latin/World styles that you will feel like a newborn again, so Pure.


Eldorado 1997 - Time to dance, this Salsa-ish song will make you jump from your seat and start dancing(like you know to dance it, ha.) a hard to forget song.

Me Gustas Tu - Reggae + Latin Folk, Enough Said. You will sing this song for years.

Denia - You will feel like you are in peru in the top of a mountain dancing with your fellow native mates.

Le Rendez Vous - Yeah, that's french, this Latin Jazz song will open your mind and make you throw away some of your CD's since you won't want to hear them anymore.

Mr. Bobby - A very catchy Tribute to Bobby Marley. " Hey Bobby Marley, sing something good to me".

Homens - In Portuguese, a Love Hymn. You will want to learn Portuguese after hearing it I swear.

Please take a moment to enjoy this brilliant album, you just can't die without hearing it.

Sunday, 18 November 2007

Quick Recommendation - Putumayo Records

Do you like World Music?


Do you even know what World Music is?


well as you can guess, it is music from around the world, music that don't appear in the billboard but i swear is better than most of the music you know, mostly in hidden countries for music. like Sweden, or Ireland. Some Latin Music like Brazil or Cuba.

Putumayo Records are devoted to make sure the world knows about this wonderful but hidden music. They will change the way you listen to Music forever.

Musicians Report In:
Listen and learn, this music can help you to be more creative, add originality to your style and help spread the word about this music.


Putumayo Records - Putumayo World Music is a record label presenting the best in Latin, African, Reggae, Celtic and other world music compilations.

Alternative Instruments

Ever tried playing a Quena?
Crotalos maybe?

Sticking to the same old instrument set (Electric guitar, electric bass, drumset, voice) seems to work for everyone but it is just the easy n' cheap way.

For real, there are so many instruments out there, i bet your music will get a lot better if you add some alternative instruments to your standard set, do some research, expand your mind and your art will do so as well.

Saturday, 10 November 2007

Quick Tip #1

If you want your fingertips to be numb forever, play the bass for 12 hours straight and i know what i am talking about!

Names Plz

I want to name my bass but I am very bad with this...
Any ideas for a bass name? :P