Sunday, 4 November 2007

Making a (Good)Band, Not So Easy

The first time our band reunited to actually start being a band, the first question was obvious, yet challenging:

What are we going to play? Talking about our original project

Immediately, the same old answers bloomed.

"Rawk! Metal! Nirvana! Metallica!"

I have seen enough to say that there are just too many bands like that, and all of them are technically the same.

For a band to stand out and by stand out, i mean to do something that changes the way we listen to music forever, something that will make us live forever, not just to have a load of fanboys/girls, so we started brainstorming some ideas.

-The awkward fusion of two genres. e.g.: Jazz Metal
-Hardcore playing of a genre.
-Playing all the genres we can
-"Refresh/Evolve" some specific genre
-Controversial Lyrics

and some more crazy ideas. Damn, we haven't even decided yet.

however, for a serious band, this is a serious topic, if your band want to last more than some 1-hit-band, or want to play something different, something unique. think about every possibility you can think of and listen to everything you can, there are so many other genres and styles out there. And you may then live forever.

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roentarre said...

This is a well lay-out blog. Good luck with the whole blog.

I prefer accoustic guitar myself :)