Monday, 5 November 2007

Maybe Rock It Is NOT So Great

Everyone wants to rock! Rock! ROCK!

O.K. fine, I got it! That's what you(the public)get. Jesus.
But.. what about the musician and his/her needs?

At my school, about 90% of the new students, want to play rock. and most of them want to play electric guitar. Alright, maybe too many of them.

I have noticed that when some time have passed, those students become more "mature" about their musical tastes. I have seen heavy metal players turn to smooth jazz players in a year. Why?

Well, it is simple, as they get more and more experience, they are now capable of playing any idea that comes to their mind. This causes an urge for more freedom in their music, and some genres like rock, metal and other become repetitive for them, boring, same old beats, same old chord progressions, they want more, something else. Jazz, in example, lets them do whatever they want, and it sounds great and it is funnier for them.

This happens all the time as they begin to understand what art is: Freedom and Self Expression and not just impressing people with fancy, complicated or "deep" stuff.

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