Sunday, 4 November 2007

Two Sides Of The Same Coin

It has been said "Rock n Roll gave me everything"

Sure. but, after what?
Dropping out of school when you where 15, playing in your little garage band with your friends at some bar, getting so drunk and high that the day after, you found that somehow you wrote some awesome songs. A week later, you notice something wrong "you-know-where" and after a while you tell your girlfriend: "Sorry honey, i have a STD and... about what we did last night--SLAP" Oh Yeah! Another ex-girlfriend that hates you, rock on.

Finally, after years of struggle, a music headhunter stops by the bar asking for directions and listens to your band playing right before you fall from the stage. Here comes the cliche, he says "i have been looking for people like you! and i don't tell that to anyone -blink blink-"

Everything after that goes beatle-like, you are on the top, everyone loves you, you sell millions of copies of your albums. You are the happiest man on the world.

Or Are You?

You are on the top. You mean the label is on the top, you are still the same alcoholic and stoner guy. but you are still on the top. Right...?

Everyone loves you. True, so true...You can't get out of the apartment/house/van/whatever without being run over by your lovely fans, your girlfriend(uh-oh here we go again) is the most hated person in the world and your amazing fans let her know in many scary ways.

You sell millions of copies of your albums. Oh you are so rich, maybe you can now buy some true friends... wait, what? uh... maybe you should just keep on buying more alcohol and drugs.

Getting exhausted from tours, gigs, etc. not having time for anything else, blah blah blah.

Oh no! your band breaks up! no problem you still got the money, your love and your friends, right guys? ...guys? ...anyone?

But here you are, saying "Rock N Roll gave me everything", but of course! you are on tv and you were paid to say that to promote soda -rocks out-. Right.

Proof! (Spanish)

But still, for everyone, your life will always be perfect and every single person will want a life like yours, i mean, you are a Rockstar!

Obviously, like every occupation, it has it's ups and downs, remember nothing is black or white.

I hope this makes you think a little about the two sides of the coin of being a musician, maybe it is what you want, or maybe it just won't suit you. It's your choice.

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Anonymous said...

haha i like this post. makes me think (: (andrea)