Monday, 19 November 2007

Featured n' Must-Have #1

Manu Chao - Esperanza - 1997

You can't say you know about music without knowing Manu Chao, he is French but he plays so many Latin/World styles that you will feel like a newborn again, so Pure.


Eldorado 1997 - Time to dance, this Salsa-ish song will make you jump from your seat and start dancing(like you know to dance it, ha.) a hard to forget song.

Me Gustas Tu - Reggae + Latin Folk, Enough Said. You will sing this song for years.

Denia - You will feel like you are in peru in the top of a mountain dancing with your fellow native mates.

Le Rendez Vous - Yeah, that's french, this Latin Jazz song will open your mind and make you throw away some of your CD's since you won't want to hear them anymore.

Mr. Bobby - A very catchy Tribute to Bobby Marley. " Hey Bobby Marley, sing something good to me".

Homens - In Portuguese, a Love Hymn. You will want to learn Portuguese after hearing it I swear.

Please take a moment to enjoy this brilliant album, you just can't die without hearing it.

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